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Neck Pain - What A Pain In The Neck!

Neck Pain - What A Pain In The Neck!! Neck pain. We’ve all experienced it at one point in our lives. For some, however, it’s becoming more like a cockroach under the fridge that just won’t die. People who experience neck pain usually have desk jobs that keep them sitting all day everyday. They also include students who have tons of reading materials and almost no time to relax. Both groups have things in common: They have poor posture and usually spend hours hunched over their computers, resulting in neck strains or spasms that drastically affect their productivity. A recent study reveals neck pain afflicts a lot of Americans, so much so that it accounts for more than 10 million medical...

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Art Therapy: Creative Ways of Releasing Stress

STRESS! STRESS! STRESS! Reading the word itself gives you it. Whether it be from your finances, career, self - imposed expectations, family, life, or maybe all the above, anxiety disorders are the most common illness in the United States. This illness affects 40 million adults >18 years old or nearly 18.1% of the population from small day to day activities or even larger illnesses.  The increased use of the term "Art Therapy" has been trending over the past few years because people have begun to use art to reduce stress and get in touch with their feelings. I think most of us knew this instinctively as kids: virtually all of us know the joys of sculpting something with clay, painting with your hands/fingers,...

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